Joining as a Cadet

Parade Nights and Times

200 (Torquay) Squadron meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm.

Joining the Squadron

The Squadron typically runs two recruitment intakes per year with two induction nights per intake. Not all squadrons operate in this manner but we have found that it allows new cadets to progress through the training syllabus together and make new friends right away!

Our next recruitment intakes are as follows:

Intake Name Induction Dates Total Cadet Places
Intake No. 24 Tue 5 Mar 2024 20 - full
Intake No. 25 Tue 17 Sep 2024 20
Intake No. 26 Tue 4 Mar 2025 20
Intake No. 27 Tue 16 Sep 2025 20

If you would like to attend one of these induction nights then please contact us.

Age Requirements

Air Cadets can join at the age of 12 from the start of school Year 8, or at the age of 13 regardless of your school year. The maximum joining age is on your 17th birthday.

Cadets can stay with us until their 20th birthday; however, for continued service beyond your 18th birthday you must have met a specific set of criteria including completing a Disclosure Barring Service form (DBS) and attending a weekend training course.

Subscriptions and Payments

Subscriptions are paid by cadets to assist with funding the running of the squadron, including the purchasing of equipment for activities. A small contribution will also go towards the Air Training Corps General Purpose Fund. Subscriptions are paid by via bank standing order and are due on the first day of each month. If this is not possible then alternative arrangements can be made. We also allow for a siblings discount as well. Below are the current figures for subscriptions:

  • First child - £7.00 per month
  • Second child - £6.00 per month
  • Third child - £5.00 per month

The cadet blue uniform (excluding parade shoes) will be issued after a squadron deposit of £15.00 is paid, which is refundable when you leave the squadron provided your subscriptions are up to date and any items you have borrows (including uniform) has been returned.

Core activities such as flying, gliding, shooting and normal parade nights are included within the subscriptions. Some other activities may have additional costs for travel, accommodation and food but all are at a reduced cost.

Your First Night

On your first night we ask that you attend with a parent or guardian. When you arrive you will both be given an introductory talk from one of our team members. You will also be briefed on a few need-to-know points.

For the second half of the evening the new cadets will get involved in some practical group exercises to get the new recruits to acquaint themselves with each other, which is designed to help you fit into the unit quicker and easier. The parents and guardians will be taken to one side to discuss joining requirements and what is expected from cadets and parents.

Your Training

For the first 3 months you will join the Training Flight and will be known as a Junior Cadet. You will learn the basics of being an Air Cadet including the skills and knowledge required throughout your time in the Air Training Corps.

After approximately one month you will be issued your uniform, learn how to wear it correctly and will become enrolled as a full member of the Corps. After your basic cadet raining has been completed, you will take part in a Passing Out Parade and will be awarded the First Class Cadet certificate and badge.

For information on contacting 200 (Torquay) Squadron, click here.

Page last updated 10 October 2023.

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