Drill is a powerful aid to discipline. It develops a sense of corporate pride, alertness, precision and readiness to obey orders instantly. Good drill in aircraft is directly fostered by the habit of drilling smartly on parade. Personnel are better prepared for combat and any work they have to do; on the ground or in the air, if fit and mentally alert. Thus, smartness on parade is not only a sign of good discipline, but a basic factor in raising the standard of performance of all Service duties. 200 Squadron is renowned for its drill and discipline and has always strived to reach the highest standards in these areas.

Remembrance Parade 2010

Remembrance Parade 2010

Annually there are Drill Competitions held at Wing, Region and more recently Corps level, which tests the abilities of cadets from different squadrons and their capability to work together as a team.

Wing Drill Competition Trophy 2005

Wing Drill Competition Winners 2005

Wing Drill Competition Trophy 2010

Wing Drill Competition Winners 2010

As a new member of the squadron one of the first things you will learn is basic drill. This will tend to last a period of 3 months with a final test to assess the standard of the cadet's drill. If the cadet passes then he or she will be moved from the probationary drill squad into the main squad.

Remembrance Sunday Guard of Honour 2008

Remembrance Sunday Guard of Honour 2008

Exceptional cadets maybe chosen to be in a Guard of Honour on such events as the Battle of Britain or Remembrance Sunday.

Battle of Britain Service

Battle of Britain Service

Devon and Somerset Wing Drill Competition

Below is a table showing the position that 200 (Torquay) Squadron came in since the amalgamation of Devon and Somerset Wings.

Year Cadet NCO I/C NCO Position Squadron Position
2000 CWO Andrew Spiller 1st 1st
2001 CWO Andrew Spiller Not known 2nd
2002 Not entered N/A N/A
2003 Not entered N/A N/A
2004 Sgt Michael Gormley 3rd Did not place
2005 FS Michael Gormley 3rd 1st
2006 Not entered N/A N/A
2007 FS James A Groom 1st 2nd
2008 CWO James A Groom 3rd 1st
2009 CWO Ryan A Bull 1st 1st
2010 CWO Lee T Johnson 2nd 1st
2011 CWO Lee T Johnson 2nd 1st
2012 Cpl Luke D Cox 1st 1st
2013 CWO Jude Hesmondhalgh 1st 3rd
2014 Sgt Beth Fortune Did not place 3rd
2015 Cpl Joe Hill Did not place 1st
2016 Cpl Joe Hill 1st 1st
2017 Sgt Harry Pitt 1st 1st
2018 Sgt Harry Pitt 1st 1st

South West Region Drill Competition

Below shows the positions that 200 (Torquay) Squadron came in the years they made it through to the South West Region competition.

Year Cadet NCO I/C NCO Position Squadron Position
2000 Sgt Simon Parsons Not Known 5th
2005 FS Michael Gormley 5th 5th
2008 CWO James A Groom 3rd 2nd
2009 CWO Ryan A Bull 2nd 5th
2010 CWO Lee T Johnson 6th 3rd
2011 CWO Lee T Johnson 2nd 3rd
2012 Sgt Luke D Cox 5th 5th
2015 Cpl Joe Hill 4th 4th
2018 Sgt H Snell 6th 5th

Devon and Somerset Wing Banner Drill Competition

In 2007 a new competition was introduced at Devon and Somerset Wing level incorporating a set sequence of manoeuvres carried out by a banner party. The squadron's position have been as follows:

Year Banner Bearer Squadron Position
2007 Sgt Jessica A Rossiter 1st
2008 Sgt Jessica A Rossiter 1st
2009 FS Jessica A Rossiter 1st
2010 CWO Lee T Johnson Not Known
2011 Cpl Luke Cox 2nd
2012 Cpl Luke Cox 1st
2013 FS Iona White Not Known
2014 CWO Iona White Not Known
2015 Cpl Chris Roper 2nd
2016 Cpl Sam Jones 3rd
2017 CWO Chris Roper 1st
2018 Cpl Brandon Frampton 3rd

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