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During a cadet's time in the Air Training Corps, he or she may be given the opportunity to fly at least once a year, providing that he or she has been enrolled and covered the relevant aviation subjects from the training syllabus. The aircraft currently flown in the Air Training Corps to train cadets is the Grob 115e "Tutor", although there are many opportunities to pilot other planes and gliders.

The next cadets waiting to fly.

The next cadet detail waiting to fly

Tutor Stats

Grob Tutor

Grob Tutor

  • Name: Grob 115e (Tutor) T1
  • Entered Service: 1999
  • Wing Span: 10m
  • Length: 7.4m
  • Crew: 2
  • Maximum Level Speed: 150 Kts
  • Engine: One Lycoming 4-cylinder piston engine

Air Cadet Pilot Scheme

Flying Scholarships, or now known as the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS) Scholarships are a way for the more keen young pilots to develop their skills in the air. There are four different types of Scholarships under the the ACPS:

  • Air Cadet Light Aircraft Course
  • Air Cadet Air Experience Flight Course (AEF)
  • Air Cadet Microlight Course
  • Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Course
Flying Scholarship Cadets

Flying Scholarship Cadets

However, in order to attend one of these courses you must have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Be 16 at the time of application and 17 to start the course.
  • Have completed a Gliding Scholarship (Silver Wings).
  • Must be able to attend up to 14 days to complete the course.

On completion of a course the cadet is awarded with a pair of Flying Scholarship wings to proudly wear on his or her uniform.

Air Cadet Pilot Scheme Wings

Air Cadet Pilot Scheme Wings

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